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Professional Fire Alarm Installation New York

We install your fire alarm system to protect your people and property from fire.

We offer:


Secure & Reliable Network


Ultra-Fast Connectivity


Expert Management

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Stay Safe with Expert Fire Alarm Installation Services in New York

Network Cabling Installation in New Jersey

Looking for professional fire alarm system installers in NYC?

Installing a fire alarm system helps optimize firefighting operations and drastically minimize damage. It also alerts and assists you in taking immediate action to keep yourself and your family/employees safe.

At TopTech Cabling, we offer expert fire alarm installation services in the New Jersey and New York areas. Being a team of licensed, skilled, and certified fire alarm technicians, we help you maximize safety and mitigate fire risks.

We also possess a superior set of skills in the necessary technology to deliver a prompt and expert alarm system installation.

Point-to-Point Wireless Applications

Bridging the Gap Between Locations

Our PtP wireless solutions connect geographically separated sites. This could connect two office buildings, warehouses across the city, or even remote facilities in different regions.

Enhanced Security Camera Systems

Our PtP solutions eliminate the need for complex cabling, allowing you to strategically place security cameras and receive real-time footage without compromising quality or security.

Rapid Deployment, Reliable Connection

PtP wireless offers a swift and cost-effective solution. We can quickly set up a temporary PtP link, providing you with the internet connectivity you need without the hassle of traditional cabling.

Empowering Remote Offices

Keep your remote offices seamlessly connected and productive. PtP wireless bridges the distance, offering high-bandwidth internet access and facilitating efficient data transfer, collaboration, and cloud access for your remote teams.

Boosting Your WiFi

Our PtP solutions act as a reliable backhaul for your existing WiFi network. This particularly benefits large campuses, office spaces, or venues where traditional wired backhauls could be more practical and affordable. PtP wireless eliminates WiFi dead zones, ensuring a strong and stable signal throughout your network.

Get In Touch

Detailed Point-to-Point Wireless Installation

Our experienced technicians provide attention to each detail while ensuring an efficient and seamless PtP wireless network. Here’s how we go:


Comprehensive Site Surveys

Before any installation, we conduct detailed site surveys to ensure the optimal placement and performance of your PtP wireless solution.


Custom Solution Design

Our experts tailor wireless solutions to meet your needs, considering factors like distance, terrain, and building structures.


Professional Installation

Our certified technicians ensure your system runs smoothly, with minimal disruption to your everyday operations.


Network Configuration & Optimization

Our certified technicians ensure your system runs smoothly, with minimal disruption to your everyday operations.


Security Implementation

From encryption to secure access points, we implement robust security measures for your wireless connections.


Maintenance & Support

Our support team is always ready to assist with ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support services.


Upgrade Services

Stay ahead with technology. We help you upgrade as needed so your infrastructure stays caught up.


Consultation & Training

We provide your team with the insights and training to maintain optimal network performance.

Your Trusted Point-to-Point Wireless Solutions Provider in New York | New Jersey

Here’s what makes us everyone’s top choice for wireless solutions in New York and New Jersey-

Site Survey and Planning

Experience You Can Trust

Cable Pull

Tailored Approach

Terminating Cables

Quality Service

With years of experience, we craft reliable, long-lasting PtP wireless solutions in New York and New Jersey. We work for all small to large buildings, delivering efficient connections.

Our skilled professionals understand your business needs, budget, and geographical limitations and then design a PtP wireless system to deliver the bandwidth, security, and scalability required.

We provide exceptional customer service throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and support. Our team ensures your satisfaction and keeps your network running smoothly.

Testing and Certification


Documentation and Warranty

Skilled Professionals

We keep you informed every step of the way. Our skilled professionals understandably explain technical details, address your questions promptly, and provide transparent updates on project progress.

Our team is professional, highly trained and experienced. We have the expertise to handle complex installations, troubleshoot issues, and optimize your PtP system for maximum performance.

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Your Path to a Reliable, High-Performance Network

Choose us, your reputable network cabling installation service provider in New York or New Jersey. Experience seamless business and home operations always!

What our clients are saying about us.


Service is key Toptech Cabling is always there for us no matter when and no matter what.


Toys 2 Discover


Toptech cabling executed a flawless full integrated system. Impressed with their expertise and seamless coordination. Highly recommended!


The Artify Group


Toptech Cabling always has the solution for any of our needs they are simply the best out there.


Masbia Soup Kitchen Network


Toptech Cabling is #1 in service, quality and knowledge


Upstate Collision


From the beginning to the end Toptech Cabling went the extra mile to make us happy. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-06 at 11.57.33 AM

Skyscraper Insurance


Toptech Cabling was recommended to us for our low voltage needs and we couldn't of made a better choice . 


Prime Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Line of Sight (LOS)?

Line of Sight (LOS) is a direct visual connection between two points without any physical obstructions, essential for transmitting wireless signals effectively over short distances, typically using 5 GHz or 60 GHz frequencies for clear, unobstructed communication.

How much do point-to-point wireless solutions cost?

The cost of point-to-point wireless solutions depends on

  • The distance between locations,

  • The desired speed and bandwidth,

  • Any specific requirements your business may have.

At Toptech Cabling, we provide transparent pricing and work with you to create a solution that fits your budget and meets your connectivity needs.

What is Non-Line of Sight (NLOS)?

Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) refers to wireless communication where obstructions like trees or buildings block the direct visual path between two points, requiring lower frequencies such as 900 MHz to penetrate these obstacles and establish a connection, though with potentially reduced speed and range.

Are point-to-point wireless solutions secure?

Security is a top priority at Toptech Cabling. Our point-to-point wireless solutions incorporate advanced encryption and authentication protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access and ensure secure communication between your sites. We also offer ongoing support and monitoring services to maintain the highest level of security.

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