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TopTech Cabling is one of the leading low-voltage integrators and consultants. We specialize in the design, installation, and installation of a wide range of low-level systems such as configured cables, audio-visual systems, alarm and camera installation, security systems, security alarm systems, mobile phone signal boosters, and more New York & New Jersey. In terms of security, protecting buildings necessitates a thorough strategy that incorporates cutting-edge technology and close supervision. Every element is meticulously planned, from the loud sound of fire alarm systems to the quiet watchfulness of burglar alarm systems. We offer the best security alarms services.

Panic alarms provide a quick response during emergencies, while flood alarms guard against the wrath of nature. Our all-inclusive alarm and camera installation services at Top Tech Cabling take care of every need you have when it comes to setting up a stable and functional network infrastructure. Our CCTV security system installation New York & New Jersey provides a cost-effective way of securing you and your property against theft, legal risk, or any type of natural calamity.


When risks materialize, the prompt implementation of lockdown systems guarantees instant containment. Moreover, security systems installation improves the security and safety of commercial and residential properties. Not only that, we are also well-known for discrete commercial CCTV installation solutions in any kind of building for various companies.

In addition to the constant presence of IP video surveillance and AI For Cam which is driven by artificial intelligence, central station monitoring maintains a close watch. The efficiency of access control systems is increased by the human touch that live monitoring provides.

In order to prevent violence, shooter detection systems act as silent sentinels, while landscape perimeter protection guarantees security from the ground up. Security takes root in this complex dance of strategy and technology. If you are looking for CCTV camera installation services near me you can easily seek TopTech Cabling.

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